Elevate and Personalize at scale with Generative AI.

Elevate rewards and personalise messages that is on-brand specific and tailored according to the unique recipient data on hand.

Empower your clients with a tool that solves personalization at-scale. Help them reach their true goals while rewarding, with every gift sent on your platform.

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Frequently asked questions.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the InspireMe.AI and how you can integrate it into your HR or rewards and recognition platform.

InspireMe.AI is an AI-powered API service. We specialize in a number of areas including, rewards, recognition and appreciation.

We’ve built an easy-to-integrate API service for employee recognition and rewards platforms, gifting platforms and businesses to make appreciation easy and drive recognition, motivation, loyalty, and connection. The engine is built on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, the most powerful AI language model, and places the user’s insights and context at the center of the AI experience.

InspireMe.AI’s mission is to inspire digital humanity to reach its full potential through the power of appreciation.

We are adding new language support all the time. We currently support message generation in English, French, Swedish, Italian.

We offer a easy-to-integrate API. This means that the AI technology can be embedded into your application and is completely white-labeled. It’s your AI!

Book a meeting with us and we’ll arrange access to our API Docs for your product/technology team to evaluate.

Yes, we offer sufficient free credits for your team to fully validate the use of this technology within your platform. In addition, we can provide rapid interfaces that you can integrate with your marketing websites as a plug-in. This means you are able to quickly launch a demo and gather feedback from your end-users.

We offer usage-based pricing. We charge per credit used. For most short form recognition message writing or editing applications, each generated message is worth 1 credit.

Yes, out-of-the-box your product team will have a lot of flexibility as to exactly how the AI is integrated. This includes the types of occasions, the user input questions that are presented to the user, the tone and length of the generated message. The ability to “morph” the message including “add emojis”, “more formal”, “longer”, “shorter” etc is also available.

The InspireMe.AI API only processes data. This means that information including all user inputs and the AI Generated outputs are not stored in our systems.

We only store metadata regarding API usage such as logging timestamps etc.

We process inputs to the API using OpenAI’s Services. This means your user’s data is also processed by OpenAI in accordance with their policies.