About us.

Disengagement and employee retention activities are costing enterprises around the world billions of dollars every year. Highly engaged employees are key to enterprise performance.

of employees say they would work harder if they were better appreciated

- Gallup

It’s so easy to say “thanks!, well done, or “keep up the good work”, but is that enough to really motivate and engage?

Often when we need inspiration most, we find ourselves unable to come up with anything. Managers often acknowledge they don’t have enough time for appreciation or struggle to find the right words.

We believe in the power of appreciation. Yes, words and empathy that motivate your troops, your colleagues and your clients. Therefore, 2 years ago, we embarked on a journey to inspire people with words of appreciation through the power of AI.


Richard Bastistier
CEO Inspire Me


Our services are built and delivered through partnerships with some of the world's best tech companies.

Our mission is to inspire digital humanity to maximize recognition, collaboration, loyalty, motivation and connection through the power of appreciation.
Appreciation is a fundamental human need
- Psychologist Abraham Maslow
Meet our team
Richard Bastistier

Richard Bastistier

Tom McGregor

Tom McGregor

Shaidee Alingcastre

Shaidee Alingcastre

Software Engineer
Glaiza Pilarca

Glaiza Pilarca

Social Media Manager Sàrl Sàrl

Human centered AI

The Power of our AI Engine


is the most accurate appreciation generation engine, using state-of-the-art AI writing models to generate personalized messages from just simple insights.

Flexible models

Our InspireMe AI engine is built on the most flexible and powerful models (OpenAI-GPT-3) and can understand and generate natural language.

Art of communicating

Further enhanced, the models and instructions have been developed using countless hours into the art of communicating “ Appreciations” for people recognition, rewards, retention and loyalty industries.